Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bo - Keser and Malchus

Why were the first nine plagues performed by Moshe or Ahron, but the plague of the firstborn was done by Hashem Himself? Why did the Jews have to do something active to be excluded from the plague, as opposed to the previous plagues where this was not necessary? What is the significance of the blood being placed on the doorpost? Why did this plague occur precisely at midnight? What is deeper significance of the parallel of the midrash between the Pesach offering and the binding of Yitzchak?

Find out in this week's Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 20:05


Moriah said...

"It has also been a year and four months since I have looked at news websites on the internet. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment, as I was totally hooked before. "

I congratulate you on staying away from the news for an entire year and 4 months. I feel 'compelled' to read the news. (Yes, "totally addicted" would be more accurate description) The longest I've spent away was 30 days. It's very frustrating as I feel a lot of guilt because, how will I answer to Hashem for this huge waste of time? I congratulate you on staying away from the news for an entire year and 4 months. If there's any advice you can spare I would appreciate it.

Ari Goldwag said...

Well, the way it worked for me was that I decided that I would not look at the news during the Aseres Yemei Teshuva. Then, I extended it until the end of Tishrei. Then, I just kept trying to continue my streak. The good feeling I had from not looking outweighed the plastic feeling of looking. I did a similar thing with the blogs, starting on Rosh Chodesh Av.