Thursday, February 28, 2019

Vayakhel - Giving and Taking

How is the concept of giving and taking in the Torah's eyes different from our normal understanding? What is the understanding of the spiritual principle that when we give we actually receive? How does this apply to running toward or away from honor? How does one overcome the issue that when one knows they are running away from honor it follows them - so in essence they are not running away? How does one get to the most inner level of ahava and yiras Hashem?

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Running time: 25:36

Friday, February 22, 2019

Ki Sisa - Calculated Commitment

What was the state of Adam before the sin? What is the nature of the human being as a result of his sin? How did the Jewish people reach back to Adam's previous state at Mount Sinai? How was the Satan able to cause them to sin if they were on such a high level? What did they do to repent and gain back that level? How can we use this in our own lives?

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Running time: 31:44

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Tetzaveh - From Mind to Heart

Why did the Jewish people need the Divine Presence in order to remember that Hashem took them out of Egypt if they had just experienced it? How does one move the experiences that make an impression intellectually into one that is also felt emotionally? Why did Elijah pray that the Jewish people be affected positively by the miracles they were about to witness? How does the belief in one's teacher help bridge the gap from mind to heart?

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Running time: 22:53

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Terumah - Serving Hashem with Awe and Love

What is the idea behind the two types of donations to the Mishkan-Tabernacle - one being an obligatory amount, the other being open-ended? What is the difference between someone who serves Hashem because they are commanded, versus someone who serves Hashem despite not being commanded? How does this relate to the concepts of serving Hashem out of Love and Awe? Why was the half shekel silver used as part of the foundation of the Tabernacle, as opposed to the open-ended donations being used for the rest?

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Running time: 27:08

Friday, February 1, 2019

Mishpatim - Can We Understand Mitzvos?

What is the difference between Mishpatim-Laws and Chukim-Statutes? What is the idea of doing a mitzvah because Hashem commanded it, not just because we understand it? What is greater - a righteous person who does what's right because it's natural to him or someone who desires sin, but resolutely turns away from it despite the desire? How does one find the balance between fulfilling the mitzvos because it makes sense to us and fulfilling them because of Hashem's command? How does one strike a balance between emotions and intellect?

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Running time: 26:41