Thursday, September 27, 2012

Haazinu - Heaven and Earth, Mind and Heart

What is the difference between Dibbur-speech and Amirah-speech? Why is dibbur used for the heavens, and amirah used for the Earth? What are the two approaches for the intellect and the emotions? How does one transition from the days of Awe to the holiday of Succos, which is a time of intense joy? How does this connect to the Heavens and Earth which were created in Genesis?

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Running time: 17:50

Friday, September 21, 2012

Vayelech - Giving it all to Hashem

Why does the special mitzvah of Hakhel (gathering) apply immediately after Shmitah (sabbatical year)? Why is it referred to as being in the Shmitah year, even though it's in the following year? What is the parallel here between Shmitah and Shabbos? What is the special power of atonement intrinsic to Yom Kippur? What is the deep lesson of Yehudah and Tamar?

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Running time: 19:42

Friday, September 14, 2012

Nitsavim - Voices inside, voices outside

Why does the Torah seem to indicate that the main relationship and covenant with Hashem is through the congregation as a whole? Why does the Torah later seem to imply that the relationship is forged within the heart of the individual? What is the resolution of these two seeming opposites? What is the concept of the quorum of ten that is required for prayers? How can someone be brought to repentance by the simple act of someone thinking a positive thought about them?

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Running time: 20:04

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ki Savo - Rejoicing in darkness

Why does the Torah speak at length about the curses, and only cursively about the blessings? Why does this parsha start off with the obligation of bringing the first fruits, which is only an obligation in Israel, only for the seven special species, and only to be brought to the Temple to a Kohen? Why does Rabbi Akiva laugh at the sight of the Temple Mount plowed over? Where is the deepest revelation of Godliness to be found?

Find out in this week's Parsha Podcast.

Running time: 22:56