Thursday, October 25, 2018

Vayera - Hashem's Revelation

What is the idea of Hashem revealing Himself to Avraham after he performs the bris (circumcision)? Why does Hashem not seem to say anything? What are the problems with the Rambam's understanding that the entire interaction of Avraham with the angels was the revelation? When does one experience a vision of an angel? Is that at the same level as a revelation of Hashem Himself? What was the purpose of Hashem's revelation to Avraham at this time?

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Running time: 23:58

Friday, October 19, 2018

Lech Lecha - The Land I Will Show You

What is the significance of Avraham's test to leave his birthplace? Why does Hashem not specify which land He is guiding Avraham toward? Does Avraham know where he is going? How is able to follow Hashem's command if he indeed does not know where he's headed? How can we know where Hashem is leading each of us individually?

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Running time: 19:41

Friday, October 12, 2018

Noach - Avraham's Beginnings

Why did the sages include the beginning of Avraham's story in the end of Noach's story? Why does this type of crossover seem to happen often in the Torah portions? Why does the Torah start with the story of Adam instead of starting with the story of Avraham or Yaakov? Where is Avraham originally from? Why does Hashem refer to having taken Avraham out of Ur Kasdim in the same way as He says He took us out of Egypt? What are the different ways in which Hashem guides us?

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Running time: 28:22

Friday, October 5, 2018

Breishis - Foundations

How was the Torah originally written and collated? Being that Moshe is the one writing the Torah, why doesn't he begin with a statement that Hashem told this to him, as we find by other prophets? What is contained in the Torah? Where are the secrets of the Torah to be found?

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Running time: 26:22