Friday, December 22, 2017

Vayigash - Times of Redemption

Why does the midrash quote verses which are references to the final redemption in speaking of the resolution of the story of Yosef? What are the characteristics of the Messianic age? Why are people going to be brought back to life first with their imperfections, and only then be healed by Hashem? What is the depth of the concept of redemption, and the Hebrew word Geulah?

Find out in this week's parsha podcast.

Running time: 24:26

Friday, December 15, 2017

Mikeitz - Dreams and Chanukah

What is the idea of the teaching that the dream's manifestation follows the interpretation? What happens when one dreams after drinking wine? Is there intrinsic significance to the symbols in a dream? What is the depth of the idea of all the dreams in the story of Yosef? How does all this relate to Chanukah?

Find out in this week's parsha podcast.

Running time: 26:17

Friday, December 1, 2017

Vayishlach - Shimon and Levi

This week's podcast is dedicated in memory of Eliyahu ben Aharon and Pinchos Ben Yakov by Arthur Shisman. Why are Shimon and Levi referred to as the 'sons of Yaakov?' Why are they called the 'brothers of Dinah?' What is the true concept of a brother or sister? How were they so sure they would conquer the city of Shechem? What is the meaning of the Yaakov capturing the city with his sword and bow? Why do the nations of the world threaten to take away any gains the Jewish people make in the land of Israel?

Find out in this week's parsha podcast.

Running time: 25:06