Wednesday, May 20, 2009

About Rav Mendel Kessin

I thought that perhaps it would have more power if we knew a drop more about Rav Kessin, so I found the following that was written about him on the Gateways website:

Rabbi Mendel Kessin

Rabbi Kessin was ordained by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein. He has a PhD in Psychology from Fordham University in NY and runs a private practice in Brooklyn. Rabbi Kessin is a noted lecturer and educator and has spoken extensively in the United States, South Africa, Canada and Israel on Jewish Philosophy.

The following is a video that speaks about 9/11, but it is quite poignant in helping us to understand a lot of what is going on in general and how we are heading into the times of Moshiach.

I again encourage everyone to listen to the shiur on Loshon Hara which is linked on the previous posts.

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