Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Bitachon 36 - Focusing on Bitachon

The Alter of Novardok brings two different stories which illustrate the mistake of focusing too much efforts on hishtadlus-efforts and how that could take away from a person's spiritual striving both in this world and the next.

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Running time: 20:49

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Vayeshev - Chasing Away the Enemy

What was the special power of the ingathering of Yaakov and his sons - both into the Land of Israel, as well as in their unique prayer for protection? What was the reason that Esav and his mighty sons left Israel to settle elsewhere? What is the idea underlying the deal of getting 100 lashes in exchange for 100 golden coins? Why does Esav run away from the challenges? Why does Yaakov embrace those challenges? What is the unique power that we have, as children of Yaakov, to chase away our enemies?

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Running time: 25:32

Friday, November 19, 2021

Vayishlach - Never Fear

What is the idea behind Hashem's statement to Yaakov that Esav was going on his way until you sent him messengers? What was the fundamental mistake that Yaakov made, which caused his children to eventually be sent into exile? When can a person be confident and have no fear of negative situations? When does Hashem 'get up and show Himself' in order to save? What actions can we take to preclude the necessity of this type of drastic measure?

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Running time: 22:41

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Bitachon 35 - Seeing Deeper

The Alter of Novardok gives us a perspective as to the amount of spiritual input that goes into everything that we see - although we could superficially believe that the 'baker' in front of us made the 'read,' so much more - spiritually - went into it. This is an essential contemplation in order to steer clear of the mistake of believing that we have accomplished anything by ourselves. We must always be aware of the Source - Hashem.

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Running time: 21:32

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Bitachon 34 - Putting Your Efforts into Bitachon

In this episode we continue in the Alter of Novardok's discussion of Bitachon, and the power of investing all of one's efforts into Bitachon, in order to avoid the pitfall of starting to believe that we are doing everything ourselves and the accomplishments belong to us instead of the Real One to Whom the credit goes.

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Running time: 19:55

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Vayetzei - Spiritual Confidence

Why was Yaakov Avinu confident as he left his parents house to head to Charan to find his wife? Why, on the other hand, was he worried in looking back at the way his father had found his wife? Why did Yaakov leave his home without any wealth to display to his prospective match? What is the power of the Bitachon-trust of Yaakov, and how did it derive from his lack of possessions? How does this promise apply to Yaakov's children, all the way down to our generation?

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Running time: 20:25

Bitachon 33 - Guidelines to Bitachon

The Alter of Novardok gives clarity as to what is considered Bitachon - specifically, in a situation where it seems likely that a certain individual will provide my needs, it is important to remain aware that Hashem has many ways to send those needs and this person may or may not be His agent for that.

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Running time: 20:28

Friday, November 5, 2021

Toldos - The Secret of Motivation

What is the concept of motivation - what drives us to do the things we do? How can we motivate ourselves to do something that we are not so motivated by? What was the fundamental flaw of Esav, and why was he therefore called 'Edom' - 'Red?' What is the foundational idea of distinguishing between truth and falsehood and being able to properly use the intellect to see beyond the superficial? How does one move from being motivated by things with great attraction to being motivated by things with little or even negative attraction? What is the difference in how one feels after doing each of this types of actions? How does this all connect to the idea of 'Lishma' - doing things for the sake of Heaven?

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Running time: 27:53