Friday, January 26, 2018

Beshalach - Beloved Dove

Why is the Jewish people sometimes compared to a dove, and other times compared to other animals (Lion, wolf, snake)? Why does the Torah choose the singular form when speaking of the Egyptians chasing after the Jewish people? In what way is the challenge presented by the enemies of Israel greater for them than 100 fasts and prayers? Why does Hashem create a challenging situation after we have already been redeemed?

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Running time: 24:03

Friday, January 19, 2018

Bo - This Month is Yours

What is the analogy of the month in regards to the kings of Israel? What is the significance of King Solomon (Shlomo) being the 15th generation of kings from Avraham Avinu? Why is his throne so similar to the throne of Hashem Himself, as it were? What is the concept of Shalom as it comes into play in this context? What is the depth behind the special mitzvah of sanctifying the moon?

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Running time: 22:34

Friday, January 12, 2018

Vaera - Recognizing the Source

Why was the Nile and all the water of Egypt struck first with the plague of Blood? Why did Hashem warn them first before the plague? What is the mistaken understanding of reality that is intrinsic to all idol worship? How did the plagues come to rectify that? Why did Moshe need to show gratitude toward the Nile if it was Hashem Himself who had caused the Nile to be calm when he was an infant floating in its waters? What is the idea behind the teaching that all of the waters would turn to blood for the Egyptians unless they paid to buy it from the Israelites?

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Running time: 24:40

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Shemos - Redemption and the Mouth

Why does baby Moshe refuse to suckle from the milk of an Egyptian, and only agrees to his own mother's Hebrew milk? Why mustn't the 'mouth that speaks to God drink of impure milk?' What is the significance of Pharaoh and his daughter 'kissing' baby Moshe? Why does Moshe pull off Pharaoh's crown as he sits on his lap? Why does he then become 'heavy of tongue' as a result of putting a hot coal into his mouth? What is the significance of the mouth in all of these contexts? What is the concept of redemption and what does it come to prove?

Find out in this week's parsha podcast (audio).

Running time: 31:57