Thursday, February 25, 2021

Tetzaveh-Purim - He Carries, We Carry

Why does Hashem ask the Kohanim to carry the Aron if He is carrying it Himself? Why did Achashverosh want to wear the clothing of the High Priest? Why does the Midrash stress that the Jewish people have all the talent we need - in leadership, priesthood, war prowess, etc - and that we need not go to the nations of the world? What is the teaching behind Hashem's command to Moshe to appoint his brother as the Kohen Gadol, despite Moshe's own expectation to fulfill that role himself?

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Running time: 25:23

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Terumah - Tabernacle of Torah

Why does the Torah place the concept of the Tabernacle immediately following Moshe's ascension onto Har Sinai? What is the parallel between the Tabernacle and the Torah? What is unique about Torah, in its description as a 'good item' that Hashem has 'sold' us? What do we accomplish in our study of the Torah, and fulfilling its dictates? How do we create a 'home' as it were, for Hashem to enter into our lives? What is the idea that the Torah is a 'morasha' - inheritance?

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Running time: 18:57

Friday, February 12, 2021

Mishpatim - What's Right is Right

Why does the Torah place the concept of withholding a poor man's collateral next to the prohibition of cursing a judge or leader? Why is that commandment followed by the concept of giving tithes from one's produce in the right time? How does the concept of the tithes then further connect to the concept that follows - redeeming the first born sons? Why are blessings on the crops withheld when one disrespects the judges? Why does one merit to have sons if he gives his tithes in the right order?

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Running time: 25:19

Friday, February 5, 2021

Yisro - The Lion's Roar Revisited

What is the idea behind Hashem being compared to a Lion Roaring as He reveals Himself on Mount Sinai? When is Hashem referred to as the 'King of the Nations?' What is the idea of the continuation of the passuk in relation to the Lion's roar, that when Hashem speaks, all will prophesy? What is the idea behind the analogy of the lender of gold, from whom all are afraid to borrow, lest they have to pay in the end? What is the root of the hatred of the nations of the world for the Jewish people? How do we resonate with the 'Lion's roar' of Hashem, as He spoke on har Sinai, to this very day?

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Running time: 19:52