Friday, January 28, 2022

Mishpatim - Justice in the End of Time

What is the idea of 'giving the strength to Hashem?' What is the contrast between Nevuchadnetzar, king of Babylonia, versus King David, and their approach to honor and power? Why does Hashem give the power of true Justice to the Jewish people, as represented by the mishpatim-laws of our parsha? Why does Hashem ask the Jewish people to wait until the End of Time in order to see the Justice that will be meted out on the world of Edom and those who miscarried Justice on the Jewish people? Why is it that only King David can lead the Birkas Hamozon (Grace after Meals) in the great meal for the righteous in the End of Time? What is the concept of the Cup of Retribution which is used in this Midrash and in the Pesach Seder?

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Running time: 27:01 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Bitachon 44 - Receiving the Blessings

We continue in the Beis Halevi who tells us about the negative impact of trusting in human beings and the great reward - in this world and the next - when we put our trust and faith in Hashem.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Yisro - Esav's Gift for Moshiach is Rejected

What is the fundamental difference between Yisro and Esav? Why are we instructed to attach to Hashem, our 'Friend,' and to veer away from our 'brother?' What is at the root of the many contrasts between the friendship of Yisro and the hatred of Esav toward the Jewish people? Why is Esav's gift for Moshiach rejected in the end of time? How can we join in the joy of others and steer away from antagonism?

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Bitachon 43 - Going to the Source

We explore the idea of the Beis Halevi that we need to look beyond the immediate challenge or the human being who seems to be causing us difficulty, and instead look to the real Source - Hashem, and know that everything is from Him. Secondly, just as the Mon (manna) was given to us and no matter how much efforts we put in or how much we collected, we always ended up with the same amount, so it is with hishtadlus-efforts - we receive only what was decreed upon us by Hashem.

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Friday, January 14, 2022

Beshalach - Miracles of Livelihood

What is the concept behind the punishment of Pharaoh as it coincides with the Jewish People's redemption from Egypt? How does this parallel the punishment of Pharaoh in Genesis and the accompanying redemption of Avraham and Sarah at that time? What is the depth behind the statement of our sages that the difficulty of a person's livelihood is on par with the difficulty of the splitting of the sea? Why do we specifically read this special praise of Hashem - that He gives food to each creature - on the night of the Pesach Seder?

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Running time: 21:35

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Bitachon 42 - Never Fear!

We begin studying the sefer of the Beis Halevi on Bitachon, and he starts with the teaching that Bitachon is not only an obligation, but it is actually a sin to lack bitachon. The result is that the very thing that we fear can be caused by our fear. The only answer is to rely completely on Hashem, and this, in turn, protects us and also encourages all those around us.

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Running time: 16:18

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Bo - Meriting Redemption

What is the idea behind the heaviness or difficulty for Hashem, as it were, when it comes to dealing with those who defy him, in comparison to the lack of difficulty in creating the mountains and valleys? Why are the Jewish people compared to a stone? Why are we compared to the sand? What happens when the Jewish people do not fulfill their role? How does Hashem use our enemies in order to save us and bring about our redemption?

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Running time: 23:35

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Bitachon 41 - Only Bitachon

We come to the close of our study of the Alter of Novardok's discussions on Bitachon, and we learn that it is imperative to work on Bitachon, not only because it's a mitzvah, but because it steers us far away from the trap of believing that we are accomplishing anything on our own.

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