Thursday, July 29, 2021

Ekev - It's All a Miracle

How can we be assured that Hashem will fulfill His promise to give us the land of Israel if we are far from deserving of that? How do we know that we will merit miracles and that Hashem will defeat our enemies in a way that is beyond our natural ability? What is the concept of the blessing on water - that 'all was brought into being with His word?' How does that relate to the many miracles that the Jewish people experienced with water?

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Running time: 25:27

Friday, July 23, 2021

Vaeschanan - Making Him King

What is the concept of 'Krias Shema' - the reading of Shema? Can we also apply the other meaning of kriah - calling? Why is it important to say the words carefully? Who are we calling to when we say 'Hear O Israel' - ourselves? The people of Israel as a whole? How does this verse represent the concept of proclaiming Hashem as our King? What is the depth behind the midrash's teaching that Hashem prefaced the ten commandments with the words 'Shema Yisrael' - Hear O Israel? What was behind the Jewish people's response that 'Hashem our God, Hashem is One?' Why did Moshe respond to this by saying 'baruch Shem' - 'blessed is the Name?' Why do we say this very line on Yom Kippur when the Kohen Gadol announces Hashem's name in the Beis Hamikdash?

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Running time: 23:35

Friday, July 16, 2021

Devarim-Tisha B'av - Return from Exile

What is the purpose of exile - how does being sent away from a center of spirituality serve to return us to Hashem? Why is it guaranteed that no matter how far we are from Hashem that we will return? How did the forty years of wandering in the wilderness serve to return us to Hashem and enable us to enter Israel? How did king Menashe end up being saved miraculously after becoming so distant from Hashem and causing the Jewish people to sin grievously with the sin of idolatry?

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Running time: 29:10

Friday, July 9, 2021

Matos-Masei - Respecting His Name

What is the concept of a vow or oath that involves the name of Hashem? What are the the three characteristics necessary for a person to be able to use the name of Hashem in an oath? Why do these attributes give greater value to the mention of His name? Why can it be so destructive to use Hashem's name in an oath for mundane matters, even if it is a truthful oath? What is the difference between using Hashem's name in an oath versus using His name in a blessing?

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Running time: 22:03

Friday, July 2, 2021

Pinchas - Finding Peace

What is the idea of Peace? Why is this blessing of peace given to Pinchas? How does his act of killing someone who is publicly desecrating Hashem's name create Peace? What are the 'Torah's paths of Peace?' Why do we ask of a person's peace on his return from a trip? Why is Peace the 'vessel that holds blessings?' How do we find Peace for ourselves? Why do the humble and the righteous receive Peace? How do we deny the Evil Inclination of his 'demands?'

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Running time: 28:43

Friday, June 25, 2021

Balak - 14th Anniversary! The Little Things

What is the idea behind the 'little mitzvahs' that provide big protection? How does the 'little' mitzvah of washing one's hands provide long life? Why do we learn this lesson from such seemingly unlikely stories? Why did Bilaam realize he was unable to curse the Jewish people? How do we become partners with Hashem? Where do we see that His name is in our name?

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Running time: 23:18

Friday, June 18, 2021

Chukas - Purity from Impurity

Why is the formula to purify a person who has come in contact with the dead so full of hints to judgment - red and fire? Why does this purity come about by causing impurity to the Kohen who is performing the process? Why does Avraham, a great righteous individual, come from the wicked Terach? Why do we find similar situations with righteous kings who were sons of wicked kings? Why does the people of Israel find its formation in the womb of the outside world, which is filled with idolatry and false ideology? Why does the tzara'as-leprosy contaminate in a small amount, but is considered pure when it covers the entire body?

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Running time: 20:13

Friday, June 11, 2021

Korach - Beginning and End

What is the depth behind the sons of Korach who will be raised out of their place in Gehinom in the future? What is the connection between this and the idea of the double letters in Hebrew that have different versions in the middle and end of the word? How do these double letters indicate a concept relating to redemption and Moshiach? How do each of these five letters have to do with the forefathers and the redemption from Egypt and the future redemption? How does this relate to the 40 years that were a punishment for 40 days?

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Running time: 28:37

Friday, June 4, 2021

2 More Gematrias for 5781

famous passuk ירמיה ל״ג:כ״ה

כה אמר ה׳ אם לא בריתי יומם ולילה חקות שמים וארץ לא שמתי

So says Hashem: If not for my covenant, day and night, I would not have placed the laws of the heavens and earth

לא שמתי = תשפ״א

מלאכי פרק ג פסוקים א-ב

הנני שלח מלאכי ופנה דרך לפני ופתאם יבוא אל היכלו האדון אשר אתם מבקשים ומלאך הברית אשר אתם חפצים הנה בא אמר ה׳ צבאות

ומי מכלכל את יום בואו ומי העמד בהראותו כי הוא כאש מצרף וכברית מכבסים

Behold I am sending my angel/messenger (Eliyahu) and he will clear the path before Me, and suddenly the Master (Hashem) will come to His sanctuary, the One you are seeking, the angel of the covenant (Eliyahu) that you desire is coming, says Hashem, Lord of Hosts.

Who will sustain the day He comes, who will stand when He is revealed, for He is like a forming fire, like a powerful cleansing agent that cleans.

העמד בהראותו כי הוא = תשפ״א

Shlach - Angels and Messengers

What is the essence of a good messenger? Why was Pinchos able to make himself invisible as he was involved in his spying activity? Why were the spies in our parsha viewed negatively (in their perception)? What is the nature of the final messenger (Eliyahu Hanavi) who will be sent immediately before Hashem reveals Himself to the world? How does the desire for Eretz Yisrael constitute the essence of what we are 'sent' to do in our service of Hashem? How can we be true messengers and 'angels' of Hashem?

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Running time: 27:25